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Why Choose Helios?

Helios is the prime provider of solar services. We provide you the most reliable, safest, and smartest energy future for you. We specialize in servicing all of your solar needs. We are the choice for energy efficiency, smart home evolution, electric vehicle charging, and energy storage. With the most qualified experts in the field, Helios is the place to go.

Why Solar?

Huge Cost Savings

Kick those monthly electric bills to the curb for good. Because solar panels use the sun to produce energy, there’s no need for you to continue paying for non-renewable energy for your property.

Return on Investment

Once you break even on your investment, solar panels can make you money. Not only can you sell back your unused excess solar energy, but solar panels also increase the resale value of your property by as much as 25%.

Solar Tax Credit

The U.S. has made a great effort to help promote the benefits of using renewable energy for our electricity needs by offering a 26% Federal Solar Tax Credit for installing solar panels.

What Are The Benefits?

Energy Independence

Free yourself from the energy company. Solar energy allows you to seperate your energy consumption from the grid, ensuring your always powered during critical moments.

Sustainable Energy

With solar power you can fight back against harmful carbon emissions, increasing retailer rates and unsustainable energy practices. Surpass your energy needs, without compromising your future.

Long Term Savings

Our solar panels give you the freedom to own your energy and fix your cost of energy for the future.

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